Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer's Here

Wow summer is already here! And it has been quite a while since my last post. I have been in transition for the last month or so.

After school let out Michelle and I were able to go visit my parents in Las Cruses, New Mexico for a few days. We spent time just hanging out and relaxing at their place. One day Michelle, mom, my sister Jess and I all drove out to White Sands National Park. The area is so beautiful! The sand is extremely soft and is white as snow. Being there as the sun sets makes the whole terrain glow with a heavenly vibrance.

While we were in New Mexico we drove up to Albuquerque for our first wedding shower! It was really nice to see so many of my friends and mentors from home again. Several women from my home church threw us a really great shower at the Carmen's house. It was great to just be able to spend time talking and checking up.

I'm now in Mt. Carmel, Illinois working with the youth again for the summer. I have just recently got all settled in to my own apartment. Michelle is living with Mitchell and Gala in Kentucky getting things together for the wedding. Once we return from our honeymoon Michelle will join me here in Illinois.

I am really existed about working with the church here again. Its nice that I already know the place and all of the people this year. Bobby and Mellisa Smith just got in town yesterday. Many of us from church helped them unload last night and unpack today. It will be really awesome to be able to work with Bobby again.

I have a lot of new ideas for the summer. This year I decided to make a summer theme: "The Jesus Movement". It seems that many in our country have forgotten that the Way of Jesus is a dynamic movement. When from the very beginning of Jesus' ministry He went out both telling people and showing them that the Kingdom of Heaven has come to Earth. Since then, Christ's movement of love, liberation, and life has been spreading across the globe. This summer I want it to be clear that we as Christ's followers are now the hands and feet of this movement. I want us to be active in bring this movement to our community and friends as we show it to others in the way we live our lives. I pray that those around us will realize that we are part of a 2,000 year old movement of love, liberation, and life. I pray that this summer God will continue to use us in His work as He expands The Jesus Movement throughout Mt. Carmel.

One major way that I think that our community will see this movement is when they see that we as a church genuinely care about them and their physical needs. So this summer I have big hopes and dreams for what God will do through us for the community. It is my hope and prayer that God will use us to serve Mt. Carmel and the surrounding area. And that the young and radical disciples of our congregation are a part of His plan.

One of the ways that we are going to show our love for the community is through community service projects. I have already had a few meetings at city hall with the Administrative Assistant to the mayor about some things that we can do to help the community. As a result I have found some projects around town to help improve some of the town's parks. What is the point of all of this? Glory to God! Glory to God is always the point. Showing people our deep love for them is a natural outflow of that. I believe that our teens are going to make a big impact this summer. And these community service projects will only be a small part of that impact. We as disciples should always being displaying the radical love of God in our lives to others.

May the people in your life see that you are a part of movement of love, liberation and life --a movement that genuinely cares about them. Let those around you know through your actions that you are a part of The Jesus Movement.

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