Monday, June 11, 2007

Life in Tulsa, OK

I am out of school for the summer now, and working with Memorial Dr. church of Christ in Tulsa Oklahoma. My last few days in Lubbock were tough because they were all full of saying goodbyes, to the AIMers, my classmates at Sunset and the other AIM assistants, some of them just for the summer till I seem again in the Fall but others… not for long time.

I haven’t even been here two weeks and already it feels very much like home. The youth minister at Memorial name is Bobby Smith. Bobby and his wife Melissa are both X-AIMers. It has been truly a blessing working along-side Bobby. As many of you know the summer is a busy time for church youth groups, and the same goes here. Our week is pretty pact with, community service, and time playing/hanging out together at the church building.

My first few days here I spent a lot of time working on getting ready for their mission trip garage sale that have every year as their final fundraiser for the summer mission trip. We spent hours getting ready, organizing and pricing. Then on Saturday the 3rd a big group of us met at the church building at 6 a.m. to start moving everything outside. There was a 50% chance of rain that day. Thankfully not one drop fell and the garage sale was a huge success. Don’t ask me how, because things were so cheep, but we raised nearly $1,500. All of the youth that participated worked very hard. Many of them worked all of the way until it was over and help clean everything up. I think that by the time we got back from taking the leftovers to goodwill it past four in the afternoon.

From the very get-go I have seen what Spirit lead and God trusting people the members of Memorial Dr. are. On my drive up to Tulsa from Lubbock I received a phone call from Bobby asking me to pray about our summer mission trip. He had just been told that the church we were going to be working with for the mission trip could not host us anymore. Bobby had had everything all planned out for the mission trip almost a whole year early, so I know the news was painful and just a flat-out bummer. The next evening Bobby and I met the parents of the youth-group to break the news to them. What happened truly amazed me. Bobby told them how there was somehow a miscommunication and then told the parents about our current options that Bobby and I had been looking at. Non of the parents showed any sign of frustration but rather all saw the whole situation as God directing us to one of the other places we had told them about. They were all excited about the opportunity that had been presented to us and encouraged seeing that God had larger things in mind for us than we could have even imagined. Since then, after a lot prayer and many phone calls we made the decision to go to Ava Missouri working with the church that Bobby father preaches for.

While I am here this summer I will be staying with different families of the congregation for about a week or two at a time. The Jones’ were my first host family. Tim, Trish and their children Michel and Kendal made me feel right at home. On my day off Trish, Michel, Kendal and I all went the zoo. From then on Kendal wanted me to spend all of my time doing animal impersonations with her. I wish you all could have seen the look on Michel and Kendal’s faces when I showed them how high I can jump like a frog. It was a neat blessing to be a part of their household for a little while. They are a beautiful family and I really enjoyed my time with them. Just yesterday I moved in with my new host family the Davis’, once again I just feel right at home. In fact the three kids of the family just came up to me to give me a hug good night.