Friday, April 11, 2008

How I Met Chuck

Here is an old Xanga entry about how God introduced me to my friend Chuck. I wanted to share this story with you because since we’ve met I’ve seen God at work in our relationship.

February, 4th 2007

A little over a week ago I met a man named Chuck.

I was on my home from my small group when I saw someone sitting at the bus stop smoking. I said hello to the person and asked them how they were doing. He responded and said that he was fine. I then asked him if he was out for a smoke or if he was waiting for the bus. You see, it was about 8:30 pm and the buses in Lubbock stop running at around seven. He said he was waiting for the bus so I told him how I thought it wasn’t going to come because of the time. He had a hard time believing that the bus didn’t run anymore, saying that he takes it all of the time. I offered to let him use my phone if there was someone he needed to call for a ride, or to tell that he can no longer make it to meet them anymore. But he had a phone he said. He asked me if I had a car. I told how I didn’t but how my friend (Thomas) does and if he needs to make his appointment I could probably barrow it to take him wherever it was that he needed to go. He said how he would really appreciate it.

I soon returned in Thomas’ car. When Chuck got up it was easy to tell that he was in bad physical condition. His steps were slow and shaky. You could tell that it took a lot of his strength and energy to merely walk. Noticing all of this I hurried over to help him get into the car. I had to help him buckle his seat belt because he could reach it himself.

Our destination was a café downtown. On the way there Chuck told me a little about himself. He said that he’s in his seventies and had recently suffered a stroke which has been very hard on him. He’s lived in Lubbock for quite a while but was from Connecticut where three of his four children live. The other lives here in Lubbock, but Chuck said that he never really sees him, and how he doesn’t want to bother him. Chuck’s stories were sad. But he seemed excited about going to this café’. Several times he made mention of the time; whether it was morning or evening. I didn’t understand for quite awhile why he kept talking about what time of day it was. I thought that he was talking to himself, about if he was supposed to meet the person at night or in the morning. So I asked him if this woman he was going to see was going to be there all night. He said no. So that made me a little confused. Then as we got closer his question finally made sense to me. (I think because I finally could tell that it was a question). You see, Chuck didn’t know if it was morning or night. He was sitting out in the cold waiting for the bus because he thought that it was the morning! That’s why he was so surprised that I said that the bus was not coming anymore. He catches the bus just about every day to go eat his breakfast at this same café.

Now knowing that he was asking me a question and that he was looking for an answer I told him that it was nighttime. Chuck didn’t think that the place would be open anymore since it was now about 9 pm. But we were almost there so we drove by to see. It was closed. I told him that I could just take him back, and that it was no problem. He said he felt bad for taking my night away. But I was glad to do it! I told him how I was enjoying the drive.

When we got back to our apartments he invited me over to his place for a coke. We spent awhile just talking, mainly Chuck telling me more about himself. After awhile I had to tell him that I needed get going. But I gave him my phone number and told him he could call me if he ever needed any help with anything. Chuck’s condition really worries me and he doesn’t really have anyone around to help. He said that he really liked me and appreciated me helping him. I told him that I would try and stop by and see him every so often.

I’ve been by twice since then. And plan on going by in a few hours.

Please keep Chuck in your prayers. He grew up Catholic but isn’t religious. After we get back from Mexico (I’m going to Mexico City later today by the way) I’m going to see if he’s interested in studying the Bible with me.

I pray that Chuck can learn how great the love of Christ is.

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